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Park Market, Hirapur, Dhanbad-826001, Jharkhand.

Welcome to Park Clinic

Park Clinic (A Unit of Sangeeta Healthcare) established in year 1992 by Dr. S.K. Karan (Surgeon & Urologist) and his wife Dr. Sangeeta Karan (Gynecologist). Park Clinic Dhanbad began as a 10 bedded Nursing Home to cater specialties like Surgery, Gynecology and Obstetrics.

Over a period of time, the Clinic began to gain prominence and visibility not only in Dhanbad but also in nearby areas, due to the consistent quality service that it provided. In order to meet growing needs of patients, the bed strength was increased to 35 and facilities like Pathological lab, Ultrasound and X-Ray were introduced.

Now a day’s Park Clinic is a 50 bedded hospital and has expanded its services to include Pediatrics & Ophthalmology. Today, the hospital is recognized as being one of the foremost in its field of specialty in the state of Jharkhand.

“Curing People with Human Touch. Where good health is just a look away”

— Park Clinic, (A unit of Sangeeta Healthcare Private Limited)

About us

The quality of medical core is always monitored so that the patient’s ore assured that medically necessary treatment is also being given to them. Park Clinic seeks to breach the gap by providing quality core. Though a general hospital, it provides the finest facilities for critical and emergency care available in the city, as well as some of the best surgical skills. It not only offers essential medical support, such as round – the – clock doctors and working equipment, but goes well beyond.

  • Only hospital in Dhanbad to have Apollo Telemedicine facility
  • JHPIEGO collaboration for quality optimization in obstetrics department
  • Centralize oxygen supply through Vessel
  • 24 hours pharmacy and 24X7 home delivery facility
  • 24 hours diagnostic and home collection facility
  • 24 hours ambulatory services
  • 24 hrs. cafeteria
  • 24 hrs. generator facility
  • Nursing station for quick services
  • All bio-Medical waste Management norms are followed


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